Who wants to shave everyday anyways?

SO, part of me moving to a place almost literally out in the middle of nowhere, calls for not having to shave my legs and lady or parts (Only to please my significant other of course) and so that I don’t step outside and be mistaken for Sasquatches sister. But who wants to shave everyday anyways?! No one. Admit it, it’s annoying. Plus I’m Not as flexible as I used to be and I can’t be hoisting my legs up awkradly into slippery corners of my single person stand up shower… So here’s my way of sucking it up for just a few minutes every month and ripping the hair out from the root from the comfort of my bathroom floor.

sugar waxing:

Leg epilation


Yes waxing is painful but so are bikini shave bumps for the eyes. sugar waxing is actually less painful than the regular waxing method (like you’d get at the spa) because unlike the regular waxing routine, sugar wax works with the hair growth pattern instead of against it resulting in less ingrown hairs and pain.

So here’s what you’ll need to make your easy-at home sugar wax. It’s usually things that you already have in your kitchen so no worries on running to the store! (My favorite part)


♥ regular white sugar

♥ Water

♥ lemon juice

this can be as easy or as hard as you’d like to make it, here I explain the easiest way to do this for yourself.







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