One Mississippi, two..

it has never stopped.

It will never stop.

only if it’s on a dime.

it can be well spent or well wasted.

it only stops for us in moments of bliss and unforgettable memories.

and then again, it never REALLY stopped.

Is it something that is just a made up distraction Leading us to live in our past and take our focus away on the present, this very moment, and what is real right now?

when did it ever begin?

it is slipping everyday into the future.

you can’t even see it. Because- it passes so quickly.

If it had a smell, I wonder what it would smell like.

Would it smell and look different to each and every person?

you can’t speed it up or slow it down, But you can pass it. Kill it even. But then we always want some of it back.

When a person dies, it’s called “theirs”, But it doesn’t leave everyone else. It just keeps going.

or does it even exist?






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