The fastest, easiest party snack you’ll ever make besides Chex mix.

So with all of these people around lately due to holiday gatherings and such, I’ve had to be thrifty with preparing meals and little snacks that everyone will enjoy.

I had made a few things to bring over to a friends house for thanksgiving but I just needed one more thing to light my wick of buttery, B. Crocker, calorie explosion.

So I start looking around trying to match SOMETHING with this mango chutney that I found in the back of my fridge that I have no idea how it got there because I sure did not buy this item. Well, cream cheese seems to be a good match with the chutney. A little creamy cheese with some sweet fruit on a salty cracker? Let’s just try it. Okay well I’m just going to say that to my surprise, a lot of people really liked my “cheesy” appetizer!

So I basically just blindly start putting things together. probably resembling something like a toddler trying to finger paint for the first time. In the dark. Because I’m no chef.

But basically what I did was-grab a cracker of my choice (I chose jalapeño wheat thins) and spread the cream cheese (or neufatel cheese)  onto the cracker or chip, then top with the mango chutney!  It was the easiest ever.

I just wanted to share this easy yummy snack with you because it’s so easy and my friends loved them. It’s the perfect mixture of salty sweet creaminess.

Enjoy but don’t get fat.


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