Directions on sugar waxing


Directions on sugar waxing:

Make sure areas to be waxed are clean and dry before applying wax.

Mix 1 cup of sugar , 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice (lime will do) into a medium sauce pan.

bring to a boil and stir so that content does not burn.

do this for about 20 minutes or until sugar mixture is a honey color like this: image

After I feel like the mixture is a honey color, And most of the water has evaporated out, pour all of the content into a glass or ceramic bowl. Scraping it all out with the fork.

pop into the fridge so that the wax can cool and harden.

Check your concoction after 30 minutes to see color and consistency. Sometimes the consistency will still be liquid like. If so, you may have just added too much water or juice so just re-boil.

When you get your wax into a thick goop from thickening in the refrigerator, beat the wax with your fork to get air bubbles into the mix, thickening it so that it is easier to handle.

Scrape the mix from the bowl with your fork (I just use the fork so that i don’t have to clean something else.)

Before handling, I always wet my hands so that the wax doesn’t stick. I can then work it in my hands to create an easier handling shape.

If you’d rather not use your hands, dip a knife in the bowl and apply on skin with the butter knife.


Take as much wax as you’d like for the specific areas. What you want to do is spread the wax with your hand against the hair growth, pull the wax from the opposite end so that you’re pulling the hair in the direction the hair is growing.

For example , if you’re waxing your legs,  apply the wax upward, then pull the wax off of your skin in a downward quick motion towards your feet.

apply pressure to the now bare area to ease pain.

I use tea tree oil to soothe the area that has been waxed or just aloe Vera for more sensitive skin.

sugar wax is dissolved by using just water. So I just soak my pot that I used and other implements in hot water for a little while before cleaning. You can then clean like a regular dish.

Good luck!